How can I upload presentation picture to envato?

Hello to everyone,

I need some help. Does anybody know how can I upload presentation picture for my ThemeForests theme.

I want to know how add the picture to the description of my wordpress theme:

Thank anyone in advance.

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Hi @doctordogg

Those are images hosted on other web servers (your own server or some public images hosting server), then images are cached on Envato servers.

So first you will have to find a host for your images. :hugs:


@hevada is right, you’ll need to host it yourself, but for the record “” is only used for images without SSL (“https”) in order to ensure they load on the marketplaces. If your URL uses https:// then they will not cache it and you’ll need to deal with that traffic yourself.


Hello Hevada,

I think so too, Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Sure, Thanks a lot