How can I turn off my style selector?

My blog with the Newsroom theme has a style selector embedded in it you can see at I cannot figure out how to turn it off so that visitors do not see it. It seems like it should be a setting for the web developer, but not for the average user. Thank you for your help. Trying to find the answer for this is very frustrating.

There’s some rule that says as soon as you ask a question you find out the answer for yourself. I have spent literally months trying to figure this out, to no avail and now I just discovered the answer.

In Wordpress, I went to:
Theme Options
Show Style Selector–turn this to “no”

And it worked. Thanks for anyone who took the time to try to help me uncover this answer

There is no style selector at all , checked your website and it is just fine , next time do not Put your link here ,if you have problem contact the seller .