How can i to insert an image in the contents.xml??Please help


PLease help me!I’m a novice in XML! :frowning:
I’m trying to personalize the html page of Elite XML Website.
I wish to insert an image in the elite_html_content_page_xml - contents.xml, but i cant :((
Please help me!
This is the XML file i wish to personalize with an image, but if i write the code , i see just a grey rectangole but not the image.

“<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
< x m l >

<![CDATA[This is an example of a content page with a long text formated with HTML.

This content page can have images and formated text.

This page is formatted with HTML. This content page can be formatted with HTML tags. This means that you can format this page with images, links, font color/size and many more known html tags. The contents of this page are stored in a XML file, where you can edit or add more pages just like this one.

More text

</ x m l >”""

How i can insert an image??
Please help!|


write this somewhere between the tags:

< img src = “yourimg.jpg” >

Without the first space between < and img

write this somewhere between the tags:
< img src = "yourimg.jpg" >

Without the first space between < and img

It doesn’t work :-(((


Correct me if I’m wrong, but…

You have no Icon for purchasing an item, yet you have the files? Now you are coming to the forum, instead of the author for help.

As I said, correct me if I’m wrong.


Sorry?? I don’t undestand how i can get the icon.
I’m just testing (to study) the fla that a friend have bought on the flashden site.


Its basic html, just use html codes to insert image.
I dont know if you actually bought it or not, so Im not going to judge you for that. Just let that friend of yours contact the author for help


no buyer badge, no support “a friend sent me the file” is not good reason to be asking help here, why do you think he’s not get answers from Triworks?