How can I stop someone to sell my work ?

Hi there,

I have a photo here on my portfolio. Somehow, someone (a company named Carpentree) took it and sell it framed with some shitty text on it. I used pixsy to send a takedown notice to the seller so they remove it from their website, and they did.
But they still sell it on Amazon, and probably other markets.
Of course, they did not even ask me anything, do not mention it’s my photography, and obviously never gave me a dime for it.
The fact is that I could tolerate a fair use of my work, but they crossed the line by far now.
How can I force them to stop making money with my work ?

Thank you for your help.

Copyright on the Internet is very complicated to exercise. But you have to try friend. I hope someone of a more in-depth answer about your situation. regards

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have you tried to send dmca to those sites. you just need to send a mail to them stating copyof link and your original link. If this pirate site then you can’t do anything. but if it is regular selling sites then they will respond to the mail.

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and also try to contact envato support for it :slight_smile: I am sure they will help on this thing

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They didn’t care at all. I don’t have a lot of items in my portfolio but I will probably stop selling on Envato, as it’s not really Copyright friendly. I prefer to sell less to honest people than a to bag guys using their memberships to download and resell my items with no authorization.

Thank you for your help anyway, that’s nice to feel that some people care :slight_smile: