How can I resolve ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED in WordPress please

How can I resolve ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED in WordPress please?

I log in to our website admin section and edit a page ok, but when I click the page ‘update’ button I get the error message “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED”.

Thanks in advance for any help to resolve the issues I’m having.

I think it is temporary connection error. you can clear browser cache and try again. Also make sure your internet connection is not interupting. Also make sure you are using themes, plugins and also your browser are uptodate latest version.

Hi I’ve cleared cache in browser, etc. etc. I’ve also had a third party somewhere else in the UK try it and get the same error. So it’s definitely not my browser, ISP, etc. Cache has even been cleared from the website too and it’s still occuring.

I can’t find your account in envato market. are you using any premuim theme? from where have you purchased the theme? you can contact hosting support to check error log what is going wrong and/or contact theme author to get help.

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Not sure if the paid support is you’re looking for but in case of interest:

Thank you for the replies. I’ve cleaned the site up where possible, removed some unused themes and things appear to have settled down. Fingers crossed!