how can i pay only one month subscription?

I accidentally subscribe the subscription considering that this is monthly subscription but envato force me to pay $198 which I can’t afford so I want to pay $16 and cancel my subscription. I use my parents card so they will kill me if $198 will be deduct from their account. Please help me. help me. How can i do this???

You will need to make sure that you do not download anything yet.

Contact elements support who should be able to cancel it Envato Elements Help and Support

You will need to do a new monthly subscription but it won’t be $16 - that is only the equivalent when paying annually.

A monthly one is around $33

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i download one items but i will make sure i will not use that. $33 will be fine. I just contact them but they said we will contact within 10 days. But right now i am sooooo nervous that my parents gonna kill me. We can not afford that much of money. help needed guyz…

Unfortunately they are under a lot of pressure at the moment, and while I would expect (bear in mind we do not work for envato so that is not an official reply) them to be able to help, there is no way to accelerate it.

Be aware that any refund can also take a few days to activate once approved.

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you guyz may have some direct contact so please please help me to make sure that they will refund it. refund take few days will be fine but need to refund. Right now I am thinking that they will not give me meal until that refund. this envato mislead me this way:

With respect, there is nothing misleading about this - ‘from…’ which is exactly what it is.

Also on the next step in signing-up it very clearly says:

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I just see that $16.5 at sight and i don’t even see that yearly bill and click subscribe but when i get email of $198 I fell like i fall from mountain. you guyz may have some direct contact so please help me guyz…

Unfortunately, no one in the forums will be able to help with this type of issue.

If you have completed the ticket then this is the best/right solution and they will help ASAP

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Hello charlie, it’s been already 10 days but envato did not email me. They send one courtesy email and said we will contact you as soon as possible before 5 days but I wait till today and did not receive anything from envato. My parents are scolding and cursing everyday. What I said to them was, your money will be back after 8-10 days. But envato did not even respond me. They are not giving me enough food and said if that money will not return you will be kick out of this house. Please @charlie4282 help me…