How can i make some new followers?


I’m new in Graphic River as a Graphic designer.Now i’m searching some followers :cry:
Interested person please follow me :slight_smile:


you can follow me and I will follow you :grinning:


Follow us we will follow you :slight_smile:

Let us know please leaving a reply here.


Follow me :grinning:


hi, produce good and original works and upload often , get notice positively if u can ,it helps, and try not to think too much about it as there is no magic wand for this because once u have followers u need to keep them too lol


I Followed you
Now it’s your turn :smile:


I followed you :smile: @Roy_Kodeforest


I did it
What about you? :smile:


Well Said :thumbsup:
Thanks a lot for your kind info :blush:


ok i will follow you
can you send me your profile link


Share your profile so I can also follow you @KibriyaMunna


u are welcome :slight_smile: