How can I make a complaint to the theme support? My website is already finished but there are so many problems with the theme

Hi community,

How can I make a complaint to the theme support?

My website is already finished but there are so many problems with the theme.

I opened many tickets but they are so slow and most of problem can’t be solved.

Just now I left a comment to ask them for help, then they sent someone over, said I can’t use the same images for different listings. And blame it’s a WordPress problem.

Then they just changes the contents in my listing!!! It’s my finisehd website with all the work they just come to change the content and make excuses they only changed settings.

I just want to know if there is anywhere to complaint to Envato to let Envato step into, like on lots big platforms if the seller have problem with the buyer can’t be solved, the platform can step into the situation to help.

If i didnt explain myself very clear, please see the screenshots will make more sense.


Thanks community.

Hi community,

could anyone explain to them what is going on?

I think they have problems understanding what im saying.

You can contact envato Envato Market Help and Support

BUT just to be clear @WpEstate are one of the most respected authors on envato, that theme is 5 star rated, and it does look like they replied very fast and were trying to help.

We can’t comment on the changes they may have made but the inability to use the exact same image with the same path or Id doesn’t sound unreasonable

Thanks @charlie4282 for your help.

Ok, so it’s possible to use the same path but the tech support said it’s a wordpress problem.

I saw they had so many sellings that’s why i switched to them from the last theme i used.

The last theme could use the same images for different post that’s why i opened ticket ask for help.

The problem is now there are so many problem since i used this theme, i can give you some examples.

Such as this one : on this page

The home page, on top of it is the advanced search section.

The price range bar doesnt work at all, i asked for their help before, but they made it worse.

If you click on the search button it goes to the results page.

On that page in the left is a map of all listings, but after they did something to the page or some code, the map doesnt show anything now.

And the price range bar still not working.

Now their tech support changes my contents so i dont know how to trust them let them fix the problem again.

It’s just using up so much time to do all these stuff.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to comment without seeing everything and being more familiar with the theme.

Talk to envato and see what they say but it sounds like something quite specific which is likely to take time to resolve

Thanks @charlie4282

The tech support realised the problem now, he did changed the contents by mistake.

Now just need their help with all those problems and get back some translation i did to the strings. For some reason those strings were gone.

Hello. I have been helping the client, and I assure you that we’ve done everything possible to help him fast and efficiently. The search functions and maps work, as in demos. There are some misunderstandings because of the client’s language (the site is in Chinese), which we don’t know. And we need to switch to English to assist. We’re offered to help the client, but considering we have to use the English version of the site, some settings will change inevitable and may have to be put back manually after we finish checking and Chinese is back. I assure you we respect all our clients, each one, and we will always give our best support. We can provide any assistance needed here and in our support. Thank you

I will recreat the admin account for you guys in 5 mins.

Please help me solve those problems in the tickets and if new problems comes out after some fixing please don’t ignor these.

I know in your demo everything works fine, i have played with it that’s why i choosed you among all other real estate listing themes. But i didn’t change any code in the theme, im no programmer, so those problems might be from the theme.

Thanks for keep helping me.

Seems they don’t want to provide support now. I’m just one customer, maybe my money is nothing to them.