How can I let an user to access to some of my licences?

I bought some themes, plugins… for a client, and now, I need to let them to access to this licences, but not to other licences…

I should use an app for this, but I don’t see hot to do it…

Any help is welcome…!

Thanks in advance

This outlines the app process and then you just restrict the app to manage select items

I really don’t want to do an app… I mean, I want them to see the licences bought by me for them (for example, on the Wordpress Envato Market plugin, or on the Envato Market Site) and to receive updates for this products…

Unfortunately they should have bought the item.

Updates/support will never be available to anyone except the purchase account except when setup within the theme via the API and app.

Out of interest why would you not want to use this method? It’s pretty basic stuff and solves at least part of the issue when buyers do not buy their own items

What does it mean? I could create an app for letting them view (at least) licences and updates? How?

This explains everything

If I’m not wrong, I should do something like a plugin or anything (an app) for supporting this…?

If you follow the link above then you can use the plugin and configure the token then your client will be able to access the updates they would get had they bought the item, from within the WP admin. It’s the closest thing you will get to what you want to do

Yes, but they accesses to all my items. Can I filter (by a Collection, for example…) so they can see just some items…?

Yes when you create the token you have to set the various access and things which it allows.

I strongly suggest you go through the process on a non-client website to familiarise yourself with the various settings etc.

Thanks so much! I’ll check your ideas…