How can I learn this technique.


Hi guys, I’m sharing a bunch of good examples of works that highlight what seems to be a new tendency that everybody is developing or trying to do. The elements are these tail on the objects movements or this lines that seems to be a liquid paint flying in the air, or I don’t know how can I call it, maybe organic animation? Some people call “Cell Animation” but I’m not sure.
I’ve seen a lot this technique lately on the majority hi-end studios around the world it seems to be a new trend, but until this point I didn’t find anything good to explain to me how this process works, nor I could figure out by myself. Does anyone here know if there is a combination of effects or softwares that can help/simulate this effect or is it really a work for a talented illustrator that have todo it frame by frame like a old school animation with masks or other thing

Any guesses or opinions are very welcome,
Thanks a lot


hi buddy, i have no idea what the technique is all about but thank you for this thread as it looks really pretty interesting indeed :wink: i hope to learn more about it too :wink:


Check this
This guy EJ has alot of cartoony tutorials.
hope it helps ;D


It’s frame-by-frame animation.
Each frame you draw in photoshop, then import sequence in AE.
To master this technique you need to draw liquids everyday. I recommend also to use Wacom Intuos tablet to draw liquids in photoshop, it’s quicker than to draw on paper and then scan images.
Also I recommend to read this books:
Elemental Magic, Volume I: The Art of Special Effects Animation
Elemental Magic, Volume II: The Technique of Special Effects Animation (Animation Masters Title)

PS: This technique is not something you can learn in few days (weeks).


Such things possible with HTML5?


I really do not think so, maybe if you do some animation with jQuery


My latest item is actually following this liquid trend! So if you’re interested you can check it out.

This is mostly done through cel animation, drawing frame by frame in either Photoshop or Flash. It takes a lot of time and often there are multiple people involved when doing this. That second video for example I believe was done by a group of about 15 people and it took them weeks(if not months) to complete it. There are some neat tricks to do it with After Effects but this gives you the minimum amount of control and only allows you to do very basic stuff.


First and last video are shape animations in After Effects I think. The second video involve some Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon renderings. Are not so hard to learn but are very time consuming on production and requires some drawing skills.


thanks for all these information guys, that’s interesting :wink:


First animation looks easy. I think there are used shape layers on After Effects and then added effect “Turbulent Displace” and then shape layers are animated with Trim Paths.

This is an example which I made yesterday “Just I haven’t made shape layers too much liquid”


Hi there. Its just C4D particles moves with sketch and toon render then some tweaks in after effects. I ve seen some tutorials about that i will find them and give you link


you need first some software adobe for starts