How can i join envato team?

How can i join envato team? (if any criteria for this position let me know)

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If you mean you want to sell items, you can take a look at this.


Check job listing to page

To add to the above (both of which are correct) - reviewers and certain other roles are recruited by invitation based on proven technical knowledge and experience of the markeplaces.


I’ve often wondered about that myself, so thank you!

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LOL or estimated ones (sorry to say just this but everything that is handpicked is quite a materiel to discuss …), i guess this is more accurate, a high level of corporatism is expected also lol
i may not be the most talented designer ever , no doubt but i have a 16+ year long experience and i have never been allowed to either join envato studio, envato elements and so on - even though a friend of mine told me that i could teach the guy that they let in - well i should rather say anything where people are handpicked this is way quicker …

I’m sure there are several considerations that go into the process, and quite possibly a degree of experience or familiarity with the business side of a marketplace would be one of those, not to mention beneficial.

That said I don’t think that anyone’s “corporate” attitude is relevant when it comes to studio or elements.

I am sure you are not alone and there are a significant number of extremely talented authors in the same boat. When it comes to those service channels, I would imagine there is a quota of experts per category, but that it’s simply a question of demand and volume capacity.

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lol yes this is how we end up having guys selected with not as long a run in the marketplace as i have, guys not having 16+ years in an agency like me, not being as good sellers (even if i am far form being the best - no problem to acknowledge this - as not running the marketplace full time) and many other things like this , so hard too define what the criterias turn out to be …

well this is your opinion about corporate attitude … mine is way different and if u have hours i can write an essay to expose arguments LOL

yes for talented authors u are right , much better than me i assume (but not so numerous as u mentioned) and i know a good deal of them and most of them are not there either …

as usual . negative comment about the institution and direct hard rejection of item after this ! LOL coincidence , no doubt lol

The rights/wrongs of who envato choose to employ is one of those discussions that is futile as it relies too much on opinion and unknown information.

Regardless of this, I would be astonished if the reviewers had even seen or read your comments here, let alone that these would influence your review.

lol maybe but strange that this is systematic if so … lol not to mention that some other people feel the same LOL i am sorry also Charlie but this is not only about “who they hire” … because this is their company in this case and even if they were choosing very corporate people in a way this could be understood , but when it comes to preventing some people to join things like envato studio , for me this looks arbitrary , sorry to say just this but this is how i feel , especially since having 16+ year of experience in agency should enable me to join when i was “rejected” … and i tend to believe the same also for things like elements … i do not feel i am too full of myself by saying so, i am sorry but i am a designer for as long as i mentioned and i can judge a bit of the quality of what is produced … (myself and others)

Again we don’t have the full insight into envato’s process or decisions, but your point about your experience is exactly my point when it comes to studio and elements.

I don’t think your experience (or that of any other authors) is entirely relevant.

Again without the full insight - I imagine that there is a quota of designers, developers etc that are needed for each platform/category after which they stop on-boarding other authors regardless of their experience or credentials.

I don’t know the full details of how they originally filled the spots although I believe some were invited and I remember they also opened applications in the early days.

My point is that contrary to the conspiracy theories (not aimed specifically at you!), there is nothing personal nor a need to over- think anything. In my opinion (of course I could be wrong), common sense suggests that’s is simply a numbers game based around business decisions and data that none of us have access to.

LOL well if nothing is relevant , what is te criteria to judge? the quota thing is a bit funny all the same , this is the bottom line, when u end up having people that are far from being impressive - and this is still an understatement - to get accepted when more experienced and “better” ones are not allowed to join …
once again there is much of a corporate thing in what is coming from more or less envato-related staff, even if they do not get paid, like in the moderator’s cases. We have the choice of saying that everything is wonderful and saying that everything here is amazing and that nothing has to be perfected or can be improved … LOL
as for the conspiracy theory , this is sad that someone not agreeing with u is simply immediately tagged as an adept of “conspiracy theory”, and it makes me feel like u have a strange notion of freedom of speech and democracy as from what transpires from your message here …
as for “I don’t know the full details of how they originally filled the spots”, yes this is definitely what i am talking about , no one knows what criterias to be able to join or not are all about and this is much the problem and much the reason why many people feel like that all kind of decisions resulting from envato’s choices turn out to be sometimes very unfair …
finally, sorry to tell u just this, but if all was just a matter of numbers as u evoked there should only be absolutely amazing authors / artists to be out there and people - i mean the people being objective of course - would simply say to themselves “ok, the level is so very high, that i cannot be part of it, period” and accept it … i really do not think that this is the way people are feeling and when i say “think” LOL well i guess that "know"would be more appropriate as from the feedback that i got about these issues resulting from my conversations with a good deal of guys … but maybe of course people are ALL thinking too much about themselves lol

Nice topic! agree with @n2n44

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