How can I integrate houzez with apis that do not have official APIs

I want to work with a houzez template but integrations are required with APIs not included in the standard houzez plug-ins or wordpress. Is it possible to do it without affecting the base template? What alternatives can we have to make a customization?

thanks for your help

There’s pretty much no way of knowing sort of trying it out and integrating what is needed to see what happens. Obviously more sensible to do this on a staging environment

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Thanks Charlie for your answer, indeed what we want to know is that the houzez template is lost if customizations are made, or if houzez has a space to be able to do them without affecting the new updates of the houzez versions?

It will depend on the API you want to use and the way that they are implemented - this is basic planning for any developer looking to integrate third party scripts or code and whoever will help you should be able to map the process and requirements before making changes

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Thank you very much Charlie however I have several questions left, as far as the houzez template would allow to make integration modifications with non-market standard product apis, i.e. without plug-in in Wordpress.? For example, to be able to integrate it with our company’s ERP?


You would need to ask the author but even then I would expect them to say it depends on the API and you will need to test it yourself, they cannot know for sure when it is not their code. How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

Either way you are going to need to find a clever and dynamic way to load the APIs because otherwise you are going to have issues every time the theme is updated