How can I integrate fonts with my PSD template?

Hi, My PSD template uses some google fonts downloaded from the internet. I need to submit the template to themeforest. The template will not look good without those fonts. Do I need to add the fonts also with the package I upload to themeforest?


Thanks for asking your question.
Install your downloaded fonts in your PC(Computer) it will automatically integrated with your Photoshop software.
You just select your text and select your font like this screenshot

hope will helpful


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Or you’re talking about embedding the fonts into the .psd’s for submission? You can’t do that, it would probably be a copyright issue too. But you can list the fonts in the item’s description and provide a link to them for download. That’s pretty much the standard way to do this nowadays.

(Here’s an example):


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Thank you. As @baileyherbert says I think adding download link to the description will be OK.