How can I install and use a child template

Good day,

I bought a wordpress template named Photomoe

I installed it in my WordPress, but I observed, there is a file named
I supposed, it’s a child of the main template.

But how can I install it?
Should I add a theme as usual? It0s what I did

I supposed it’s correct. But what should I do next? If I activate it, what will happen with the main template? How can both merge? How can I use and see the benefict of the child?

Thanks for the clarification

Hi @pierrot1,

You are in the right direction and all is fine there. Just now you have to active the child theme. To use child theme both parent and child theme have to install but only child theme should active. Also you should install required and recommends plugins to make theme fully functional.


Dear @mgscoder

Thanks a lot for your reply. May I ask you to clarify something.
I understand, I need to install the parent and child and I have to activate the child.
But I do not understand the benefict. As far as I understand, I can modify the template and an template update will not delete my changes. But should I modify the parent template or the child to keep the changes after an update. So far, I am not going to modify the template, but it’s good to know.

May I ask you an additional question. The template show a preview with interesting views.
After installing the template, I only had one page. So it’s a bit hard to reproduce an interesting page, as show in the preview. But I saw, I can the photome template allows me to import demo pages. I did it, I have a lot of new pages with all examples. It’s very good and interesting but I will not use a lot of all of this pages, and it’s a bit confusing. My idea was to move all of this demo page under a parent page named “demo”.
But during the demo installation, I got some errors as images could not be imported.
Is there a way to properly clean all the imported demo pages, or should I delete my WordPress installation, reinstall WP from the begin and re-import the demo pages? (I have a very poor network connection for a couple of days, may be that is the reason. I am waiting for a new ADSL netwrok with a faster network)

Thank for your clarification and have a good day

It’s safe to use child theme and make all of your custom changes/modification in child theme so that parent theme update will not affect your customization. when an update will publish you should update only the parent theme to keep up-to-date and your site secure.

About demo import you should check the theme documentation and also you can contact directly to the theme author for any technical query. Theme author will assist you.

In demo import original images not included because of the images license terms and envato don’t allow this. So, you will get placeholders instead of the original images in demo import.

You have to clean manually already imported demo. reinstall WP from the begin and re-import the demo pages can be a solution but in this case most important things need to take care that you must have to deactivate the theme license first otherwise you will not be able to use the license for the 2nd time when you will go to register the theme license. Again you can contact directly to the theme author for any technical query about license reuse. Theme author will assist you.