How can i improve this logo? I am not trying to submit it yet

Hey guys i was working on this template for about a week and a half. Look I am here simply to ask for advice on how i can improve it or if i should drop the concept.

Look like to have a perspective problem. the white square inside… sorry about my poor english.

What do you mean perspective problem?

May be better to make it fully symmetric around the vertical axis? All four doors with the same corner to vertical, as usually boxes are being opened by this way :slight_smile:

hi sorry to say just that but if u submit this item, i am almost sure u"ll get rejected indeed … many reasons for this. first if all , the whole thing looks like an illustration, not a logo. i recommend not using shows from illustrator for a logo by the way (not to mention that your shadow is too dark, this doe not look good enough visually). u have no name and no font in other words, they will not let u go in the logo category . The item is cool otherwise, the “perspective” is sort of unusual but as for me i have no problem with this, i could see what u tried to do and for me that is fine