How can i improve this flyer or what's wrong with it? As i got hard reject.

With respect you are quite a way off with this.

  • There are numerous issues with design fundamentals like typography, hierarchy, spacing, alignment etc.

  • As a design, it is very overcrowded

  • It’s hard to read the app detail

  • There are some quite serious oversights in attention to detail e.g. the android and apple icons are not evenly distributed either side of the white divider and the container is not aligned properly between the two app screens either side

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Hi Charlie

Thanks for your reply. :grinning:

I have attached my flyer and there i describe how i went through this design.
Please help me to find out exact problem.
I appreciate your help.

Thank you

With respect, you are a long long way off the standard and will need to start over to get this approved.

The guidelines don’t show much as it’s not a fixed grid? Also, it highlights a few areas that are right but disregards the bits that are wrong

  • Generally, the design is very outdated and far too overcrowded.

  • The typography throughout needs a lot of work

1 - Different margins
2- different padding/spacing
3 - logo and social feel very lost
4 - feels like QR needs to be lower and the divider is too far to left
5- top of text is not aligned
6- in original design icon feels non-premium and too much empty space around it

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Yeah, I’d agree with Charlie. There’s just far too much text in each section, the white on light blue is quite hard to read at the top, the logo is a bit too small, the screenshots are far too close together without enough padding, the bevel on the buttons and the screenshots look a bit dated, the screenshot in the middle doesn’t really serve much purpose… would be better as a proper screenshot like the ones either side, not a fan of the Android and Apple icons you’ve used, especially on the button… and the downwards arrow icon… is that off-centre to the left, and the update icon, is that the same but to the bottom… and the setting one to the right?

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