How can i have a refund when i forgot to cancel my 7 day free trind it charged me yearly plan

  • Please i need help i just want to try out Envato in 7 days but i forgot to cancel the subscription and Envato Elements charged me 198$ yearly plan and i dont have any wish to use it. Since the day it charged my account i haven’t download a single file and i only use Envato for 1 day in my free trial before i quit.

  • As a student who about to step into college life like me, 198$ is a big number in my country. The 198$ charge just cause me a financial issues as its money in my saving for dorm, food and college…so i need that money to handle some of those problems, and to get 198$ in a short time is real hard in my country too…

  • I just want to use Envato 7 days free trial to get a template for my goodbye video for my old class. After using my free trial 1 day i just quit and forgot to cancel my free trial and it automatically charged me without a notice about my 7 days trial is about to expire…

  • Since the day it charged, i haven’t download anything in your web.

  • I did sent Envato Elements support team my ticket twice and until now still no response.

Please help me to approve my refund request as those money can save my poor life now…

Sorry for my bad english because i’m not a foreigner

Hi @ArciusWolf,

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


Did you finally manage to get a refund ?