How Can I Get True Mag Theme Authors (Cactus Themes) to fix their Bugs?

Cactus Themes sent notification of an update on April 10, 2023. I installed using Envato Market plugin the same day. Upon installation the entire site crashed. I sent them a plea for help. 8 days later their tech made a few tweaks and got the site back online. I notified them immediately of at least three bugs that resulted in significant loss of overall function. I waited. No response. I issued another support ticket and with notice to their support manager with a reminder that I’m operating a business web site running their theme and this site no longer functions properly. To date, 16 days later, no response… When the usual channels of operation a customer makes to remedy product defects have little if any effect, what can I do?

First of all, you shouldn’t be updating the “live” website right away. You should’ve created a staging website first then check the updates if it’s working properly - afterwards, you should’ve updated the “live” website.

If you’re in need to get your website back to original state, you can just restore the backup and wait for a while more to get probably another update for the item then you can try my first suggestion.

At this point, you’d need to wait the item authors respond/update to get the “issues” resolved but if you’re in hurry, I can offer freelance support/fixes.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My understanding was that automatically backed up client web sites. Nope! Paid service only.

Sorry but at this point there’s not much I/we can offer. You will either find a solution on your own or hire someone to fix your problem if it’s urgent ( it’s )

As said, I’m available for freelance work, if you want to get your website fixed under 12 hours.
Good luck!