How can I get the seller to lower the price of the "Talking with Strangers" application I was planni

Before this app, I negotiated with the seller from the beginning so that he could sell it to me at $50, after two I went back to the site to buy the talk with strangers app, it is no longer available at that price, but what’s going on? How to get the price of this app at 50$, as he promised me?

Speak to the seller.

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23th starts sales week. Just wait, seller cant modify price for single sale. Especialy if he set it for discount on that period. Envato prohibits price variations for certain period of time till discount week.

@1997080640 you should have bought it when you first negotiated the price with the seller. That’s a bit like saying when items are on sale (or discount prices) that you wish you had bought the item DURING THAT PERIOD before it returned to its normal selling price through Envato. You can also try what @SpaceStockFootage suggested.