How can i get review in ThemeForest

I got sales but I did not get any review or any rating of my product

When someone(Who purchase your item) give you Rating/Review then you received Review/Rating.
but don’t try to purchase your won item for review then your account will be suspended.

Hello @glowlogix

Buyer will rate your theme after his experience with your product or his site completion.

you will get email about rating when he will rate, after 3 buyer rating you will see rating on your item

Thanks :slight_smile:

How to motivate buyer to rate and review us? because with 29 sales and no rating.

Engagement with customers is best way to get reviews. Always provide awesome customer support and when you provide good support and when the issues of a customer are resolved and he seems satisfied, just post a link for him to leave a review . If you like our item please leave us a feedback it motivate us to keep our product updated.

If you have HTML template then let me tell you html templates hardly get a review. WordPress themes do get. as in HTML people require very less support.

Thanks for guiding me