How can i get Meetup Badge



Few month ago i attend a Envato Meetup in BD.
and yesterday i check
and see there have a badge called ‘meetup participant

I want know how to unlock this badge


Just check in this page: periodically when there is an event near you, be present there physically and there you go :wink:


yes, i was attend Envato Meetup BD but not got the badge yet :frowning:


Any selfie at the event? :smile:


yes i have.


Where’s BD?


Bangladesh :slight_smile:


You learn something new every day! I would have thought it was just ‘B’.


Please contact your meetup host and ask them to submit the list of usernames who attended the meetup.
Alternatively, you can also contact Envato Support and provide them necessary information (images of meetups, links etc) which proves you attended the meetup.


Thank you @templatin