How can i get download link ?

i hope every things are going well for all , please i need help
1- i bought Bulk Whatsapp Sender
2- i receive " Confirm your email to complete your purchase "
3 - and by clicking Confirm your email
4- i get nothing " 404 - Nothing to see here "
please i need some one to help me ?
thank you in advance


You can check this page for your purchased item


Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


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Hi @haythamab249

Assuming that you are logged in then please download your purchased Item(s) from your Dashboard Download tab. Downloads.


Thank you but do it and it doesn’t work
i will attach 3 pictures it arranged from 123




You must contact with Envato Customer Success they will help you out from your issue.

You must check on the downloads section and better you download all files to explore.

thank you but as it seen in the attached picture there is some thing wrong