How can I get back my money?

Dear All!
I bought the template for 35,5 $ but it does not work like in descritption. I have to buy visual composer for 45 $. But in this way it is more expensive like the others and betters. But I can’t find any email or phone number. How can I get back my money?
Thanks Your help!

It is very very very unlikely that you would need to buy VC also.

Are you sure you are not just trying to “activate” the VC plugin and having issues with that?

Noe: Bundled plugins cannot be activated in e same way as stand-alone versions. The plugin still functions as required, the only difference is that plugin updates come via the author of the theme it came with and not via activation

If you still want a refund you can request it via here but please be aware that if the above situation is the case, then this would not necessarily entitle a refund

And how can I set columns like “sports” or “news” like in the demo?

Theme specific question need to be asked to the author.

Look above the main image on the item page and there’s a support tab with their info if they support the theme

Dear Charly!

It seems like ok. Please do not approve my refund request. I can use the

Thanks in advance!

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