How can i get back my money when theme is not uploading on wordpress website?

I had purchased LearnPlus theme two weeks ago. Unfortunately due to some problem we are not able to download our purchased item on time. Therefore, the theme was removed from download list.
We sent messages to envato. They are telling us different methods that how can we download theme and upload it on website. But again the same problem, theme is not uploading on wordpresss.
we are asking about our money refunding but they are not responding … what should we do??


  1. You bought the HTML template not the WordPress version
  2. You can not ask refund if the theme not work due most of times is due to your problems. So you must before ask support, if you not get a response or the support is not able to fix the problem you can ask a refund.

Thank you

@ThePixor is right that item will never work on WordPress as it’s not a WordPress theme

There is a WordPress version of that item, so if you speak to the author they might be willing to refund the template if you buy the theme first.