How can I get an API key?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been downloading and testing WordPress themes from a few days ago.

But there is a constant problem.
The problem occurs when using the slider revolution plugin.
I found out that slider revolution requires authentication, and I can solve it through the Envato Toolkit.

However, when I install the Envato Toolkit, it tells me to connect my Envato API key.

Where can I get this API key?
I’ve been spending hours setting up WordPress for hours.

Anyone help me!

Elements items can’t use the API access because there is not support or updates.

Bundled plugins (themeforest or elements) don’t come with purchase codes (which is what you would need to ‘activate’ plugins).

But in either case you don’t need the purchase code to ‘use’ the plugins. The activation is only for premium features like auto updates, templates, demo content etc none of which are included with bundles or elements. The core plugin will still work fine without needing to “activate”

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Thank for your update!

Ok I will check that!