How can I fit the iframe style to my homepage style

Hello…I need your guys help! I would like to use an iframe on my page but do not like the styling. Can someone help my find out how I can make the iframe content fit to my homepgaes content?
here is the link:

I would like to have:

font-family: railway;
Border (buttons) 1px solid #ddd;
background-color (buttons): #eee;
padding: 9px 13px 9px 13px
radius: 0px;
text-transform (button): uppercase;
and I would like to change the “Question” mark .gif to my own one (may be a fa fa?!)

Is this possible? Can someone help me with that?

Where to put a code?!

Thanks a lot…


You’d need to make the style changes in wherever the iFrame content is coming from. e.g. procheck24 etc.

Hello…thanks for feedback - so, if I cannot get there, is it impossible to change the look?

Not really - the iframe just brings content from elsewhere and the styling you are talking about is controlled from the stylesheet in the original form

oh, thats sad…but thanks for getting beck! I thought, I could write something in CSS that says: "Hey, look at the iframe xxx…please take it and make the inside look like the rest :slight_smile: " …