how can I find the installation file?

I have invoice number EH24946
how can I find the insatllation file?

Try looking in your downloads (make sure you are logged in) WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest

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Yes, I am logged in and I see other purchase I have made, but not this one.
I can send you a receipt if it helps

Only support would be able to help but usually this relates to being logged into a different account. Envato Market Help and Support

Presumably this is a purchase from the main marketplaces like Themeforest and not anything from Envato Elements?

I am not sure
can I send the receipt to figure it out?
the receipt is on my Email, so I think I am logged in correctly, but I am not sure

You need to contact support Envato Market Help and Support

It’s a 4 year old purchase and looks like it was via envato hosted (which I don’t think exists anymore).

As above you need to talk to official support using the link in previous posts. No one in these forums is going to be able to resolve this for you.

I see, thank you