How can I filter out audio tracks that have YouTube registration?

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it’s great that there is a filter checkbox for excluding any tracks in the search that have P.R.O. affiliation, but why isn’t there a similar checkbox for tracks that have YouTube registration? It’s quite frustrating to have to click on each track time after time to check the permissions. I would like to be able to filter out any tracks that have either of these permissions.


It doesn’t look like there’s an option to do this from the user interface. However, there’s a little hack you can perform with the URL to filter out those results. While on the search results page, copy the following and paste it at the end of the URL:


For example, if you search “corporate”, the URL will look like:

After adding the above arguments, you will get:

The arguments will persist until you close the search page so you only need to do this once per session.

Thanks Herbert, that’s brilliant. I’ll be trying that out today. For anyone from Envato perhaps reading this, could we have an additional filter checkbox please!

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Why would you want to filter out ContentID registered music? It is the industry standard, and a clear sign that the author is a professional. Copyright claims are easily cleared within a few hours with your Audiojungle’s license.

Choosing non-registered music really is a bad call. It may (and most likely will) expose you to a copyright nightmare eventually. Indeed, non-registered music is systematically targeted by fraudsters who register it in their name. When this happen, you have no way to clear the claim and are stuck with it. All you can do then is hope that the actual author fights off those fraudsters successfully and regains ownership of their assets. This is very unsafe behavior. It’s hurting you as a user and it’s hurting the author community.

Also, if your videos are meant for YouTube, there is no reason whatsoever for filtering out PRO registered music, as YouTube is responsible for paying Performance Royalties, not the uploader.

@baileyherbert I know you come from a good place, but I don’t think you’re helping the buyers by giving them a workaround for a filter option Envato did not dim necessary for good reasons. Buyers need to understand ContentID is a good thing. It’s a good thing for authors of course, but also for buyers. Facilitating them to stay clear from ContentID music is hurting the author community, but it’s also hurting buyers and ultimately this whole market, as it promotes unsafe online behavior that ends up in a copyright mess for everybody.

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Hi Herbert,

I understand where you’re coming from and I’m not a fraudster or someone who would knowingly rip an author off, but I’m presuming that Envato thoroughly vets the sources of its content and any authors deciding to provide content without PRO/Youtube registration, know what they’re doing? Also, if Envato is offering music clips with various combinations of permissions/affiliations, including clips with/without PRO or YouTube registration, plus the fact that we pay an annual subscription and download the clips with a license, I’d assumed that this is legal and above board? But thanks for your reply, you’ve given me something to think about.

Not sure, you got my point. I am in no way insinuating you could be a fraudster or trying to rip authors off. Apologies if that’s what transpired.

What I’m saying is this: When you use unregistered music, you may (and probably will) expose yourself to copyright claims down the line. Those claims will be made by fraudsters who specifically target unprotected music. The problem for you as a buyer, is that if it happens to you and you do get such a fraudulent claim, you won’t be able to clear it as long as the actual author hasn’t gotten the ownership back, which may take some time.

This is why licensing ContentID registered music is always the smartest choice and safest best, as you are thus assured the author has full ownership and you won’t get fraudulent claims.

Unfortunately, no. Many authors have no idea what they are doing. Making music available online without registering with ContentID is unsafe and in my opinion unprofessional. There is no reason for not registering, other than to please buyers who specifically seek to exclude registered music, wrongly thinking it’s easier that way.

Thanks for your attention, hopefully it will change your mind on ContentID.