How Can I fight With Pirate File Servers?

Hi folks,

I’m not talking about sending DMCA reports to the file server. I’m already doing that for years and even file server owners know me. Most of them, taking really quick action and kill the links. But the some of the growing servers which I can’t share links, not listen or take any action anymore. Even they do, they do that in days or weeks. This is what their last response my e-mail; “Hello bro, we have not urgent or not cases. When we check our emails we are deleting imeedeatly.” (with typos).

I’m really sensitive about fighting DMCA. Periodically, I’m spending my time finding my product’s links from the pirate sites and killing them. I wanna do a real fight with lawyers. But I don’t know the server’s details like country, the name so lawyers can’t be working on that way.

Even I know I won’t have any chance to win a case about these guys but at least, I want to show them I’m trying. So, is there anyone who has experience with this?


Hello, I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and unfortunately the only result is to create an extension. When users download your product directly as a file, they can give it to their relatives or friends as they wish. There is no normal way to watch this. However, if you present your files as encrypted within an application, you can check information such as license and purchase, invoice for each new user with envaton’s APIs, thus preventing (encrypted) files from being shared. If you notice, many people in the market have switched to such add-ons. this will cover all damage to pirate sales.

For this, I made an account based on one of my products.

The number of envato sales of my product is 150, the remaining amount for me is 6 dollars for example.

$900 is my income from this product.

If the downloads on the links on the sites I follow illegally,
over 500.
500 X 6 = $3000.
Well, here’s the tricky part.