How can i earn $23 for each sale if i sell my products only in codecanyon?

Hi, i have well coded a project that i think to sell. i created author account and selected “i will sell my products in only codecanyon. i don’t sell on other platforms” cuz it says higher profit. so i wanna earn fully 22-23 dollar for each sale but i am very confused about How much will I earn? i am dropping image. i am non-us author. so will i pay tax for us? if i will earn, i will give tax like %27 of i will earn.

i mean i am non-usa author and i want to earn 22-23 dollars for each sale cuz i will give tax %27 of 22-23 dollar already, this mean if i will earn 22-23 dollar in codecanyon for each sale, in actually i will earn 16 dollars cuz of tax.

1- so for earning 23 for each sale in codecanyon, what should i type in this input (yellow area in image)?
2- i was know author fee %87.5 but in image, its says %37,5? is this joke?




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bruh, nice humor but really i need answers :smile:
i mean, What percentage of profit do I get in for each sale in codecanyon? for setting price, its requires input that i wan earn, then its adding 5 dollar. then that says you will earn %37.5? i am very confused (also i am not living in usa)

OK. To say it simple, a $5 fee is always deducted at first, so $39-$5 = $34, now we move forward, you need to pay the author fee, which in your case is 37.5% because you’re the new author $34-34*0.375 = $21.25 Authors that already sold more than $75k in net earnings will have an author fee of just 12.5% (those 87.5% you’re speaking about). Hopefully that sheds some light?

And your items purchased from the USA will have more % deducted, up to 30% or maybe 0% if you’re lucky, but that depends on where you live.

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thank you so much :blush:

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Stick a number in the ‘item price’ box and then a different number will show up in the ‘you’ll earn’ box, then increase or decrease using whatever tax percentage you fancy.