How can I download my own items in hidden items?

All my items (even the ones that were previously visible and are sold before, are now in soft disabled, and also I have soft rejected items.

Has anyone ever succeeded getting a zip of these type of items?

I have contact support, don’t know if they will give me my own files yet since they have also hidden the download button for each item.

Update: the support enabled my account after ID check, but some of my items were locked in soft reject and soft disabled. These items were uploaded around 11 years ago. My HDD with this backup was in a house fire 2 years ago so I lost everything. I wasn’t doing 3-2-1 backups then, which I am now.

The support could have easily given me a way to download, but they said it’s my problem I should have kept my files. 11 years on envato as author and they reply like this. ki-themes helped me out luckily, thank you!


disabled items Download option not exist. So, you will not be able to download your own items (disabled). Please wait for the support team reply if they can help you to get the files.


To download the disabled items are still possible if your account has access to reach those.

Try this way:

codecanyon. net/user/YOURUSERNAME/download_own_source_files/ITEMID


Hi thank you this worked!

Contacting support is your best option for retrieving your files in this situation. They should be able to assist you with accessing your soft-disabled items and providing a zip file if necessary.

I said already that the suggestion of ki-themes worked?
Envato support is the last place that can help.