How can i download free files?


Hey Everyone,
Hope you all are well. I got some free files from envato. But, I can’t download them. How can i get free files from envato marketplace?



free files? How do you mean you got free files?

On the home page of each marketplace it shows you a free file, click on it and then click download to get that file…


free files of the month how can i download???


You cannot download free files of the previous months. Only a current month.


How can i get free graphic file from


Okay guys listen - you can download one one file from each marketplace for free but ONLY in this current month. You can’t download for example the file from april or may for free anymore as it is for sale again. I thought it was obvious:D That’s why it’s free file of the MONTH :slight_smile:


scroll down on the home page and you’ll see the free files section