How can I Delete my Graphicriver Account?

Hello! I am a Mexican boy, I would like to know how I can delete my account, the reason is because I cannot understand anything about Form W-8 in the Certificate part, I understand the personal information part and if I am American or not, etc., etc. but in the Certificate section I don’t know what boxes I should check, therefore, I want to delete my account because if I don’t fill out that form correctly I don’t want to use it
(NOTE: I don’t have the tax identification number and I follow all the correct steps, but my problem is only the certificate)


Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


hi Eddie indeed, this is not so much of a big deal, u do not have so many things to fulfill so this is too bad to give up only for this … though i identify that this is horrible that we were imposed these sort of things without anyone giving any support at all … and that people were not even given a version in their own language … which is basically discriminatory in the end …

thanks for your help!

thanks for your time and help! my problem was easier to solve than it seemed, it turns out that I had to check all the boxes because I was not allowed to send the form until all the boxes were checked.

u did online? how did u do pls?