How can I delete my Audiojungle portfolio ?

I want to delete all of my sound effects, I delete a lot but I still have 200+ item to delete, any idea ?

Why are you deleting my friend?

I worked hard to get to 51%, now I get 51 -10%. Until I will get to 70% I will be to old to care

I truly understand but if you delete, you know that you can’t upload it back, right?
You have many items, so that’s a lot of hardwork.

And no matter what, that’s still a “passive income”, right?

I will publish all of my sounds on my own market


so there is no way of delete my sfx easier … I’m just going to manually delete everything

I finished, now I can upload it to my website >:)

I don’t understand why it is -10%?

check out the post where Envato “moved to usa” only on paper … and I’m pretty sure adp will come to aj soon… so wait until a sfx will cost 1$(envato fee) + your fee

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Not sure what you’re talking about. The already have a crazily high fee, I don’t see how it can get any higher.

On themeforest, 3docean, codecanyon and graphicriver already happened … wait for aj and you will see what I mean

Adp is nightmare for everyone except Envato who is the winner …

We don’t want to wait, just tell us what all this is about now. :neutral_face:

Before ADP
How much you win from a sfx that cos 1$ ?

you get 0.5$ if your commission is 50% ? right ?

What if is a usa buyer ?

then depends from what country you are you get between 10 and 30% less isn’t it ?

But let’s ignore usa buyers and let’s say you win 0.50% from a sale

After adp

Envato will have to make sure you don’t offer the sound effect for free, and as they always do they put a fee

so the price is going to be like this: Enato Fee + your price = final price

So let’s say the envato fee is going to be 0.50$ + 0.50 = less then what you get now

You will be able to increase the pice… but this is going to work only if everybody is going to increase the price… as I said, you will see

This is what happend to the other markets…

You did it wrong. You should have raised the prices, change your “Exclusive” author to non and sell those at proper price at your own market. You should have at least got some promotion

according to envato terms and condition I’m not allowed to post link to my store … so I can’t do that.

I don’t like Envato, but I have to respect the rules. I’m out from Aj, but on Themeforest I plan to work more

On audiojungle right now there are lots of sounds that are old and poor quality, my store is having only high quality sound effects, so if anyone wants to buy my items will just have buy it from my store.

If I change from exclusive to non-exclusiv I will get less then 30% (for usa) so, thank you but no thank you and exclusive mode will be on every market I’m (3docean, themeforest, codecanyon,graphicrive and photodune)

I will also move all of my items from graphicriver and photodune soon, I will wait to see if I’m invited. But I guess I’m not going to be invited becuase I have just 104 images

Oh, sorry. My bad. I thought you were going to use your website as demo but it was Audio and the demo stores at Envato.
What I meant, for mostly, TF and CC, visitors go and check the website (demo site) and they check the original website as well after. In that case, you could’ve earned more promotion but it won’t work on your case

I have noticed some of the Envato Elite authors are not selling the items at TF anymore. They are uploading the items on their market and promoting them as “99$ for all themes for one website” In theory, you can only use one theme anyway and if you’d like to switch to another, you don’t have to pay more. That’s one of the thing most of the customers wanted, I guess

Just noticed also you have stored on other marketplaces too. It won’t work to change the selling type

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No, I’m just going to add more themes on themeforest.

Maybe they will fix the adp and all the other problems is affecting everyone.

I’m just hoping that envato elements experiment will fail or themeforest will get better.

Anyway I’m experimenting with my own store and in the same time I’m creating a new wordpress theme :smiley:

Element is for mostly graphic design but I don’t think it’d fail. TF, I hope so

If they want to make Elements work better then tf, then all they have to do is to force authors to offer support for Elements users. Right now this is not going to happen, but if you take into consideration the fact that Envato doesn’t care about authors, this is very possible.

Anyway until then let’s see how the new hosting stuff will work… I hope they will give us un option to opt out.

Why is the Envato fee even higher if its a USA buyer?