how can I customize this item?

Hi, I just bought this item “Gorgeous Stadium Intro News Opener”

when I go to the download option only the license certificate and main file is available.

the problem is that in the main file it is only downloaded in high definition video, there are no files to customize and render them.

how can I customize this item?


You can get help from your purchase item author

Or you can get help from Freelancer from Envato Stuio VideohiveExpert


You can’t customize it. It says in the description that it is a video file and not an After Effects project file or some other program.

in the description dont says that.

Who would think of buying a video of this type that cannot be customized?
this is obviously a hoax

“HD1080 – Fast action news opener – Gorgeous shiny black material with blue lights and effects – Multiple “news” displays showing a 10 sec. countdown and fireworks”

Yes, it does. Read better.

Well, since how I don’t know to read, show me where it says.

Look at the category it is in, Motion Graphics, Motion Graphics are pre rendered video files, One possible idea, you can request author for a help, But keep in mind, it is author’s sole decision to provide or deny

There is literally nothing about AE or any customization.
If you agreed to buy the item and didn’t bother yourself with 1 min reading about it… Whose fault is it?
You were not interested in: AE version; plugin requirements; customization abilities; number of placeholders and so on.