How can I customize one single Link in Page Submenu


Hi there,

I’m searching for a solution for a while but can’t find anything. I hope you can help me.

I’m using the salient theme an created a submenu. I want the last link to be displayed on the right of my content while the other links are displayed on the left. (see screenshot)

Is this possible? I tried it with the help of the Chrome function “untersuchen” and it worked. But I don’t know how to embed it in the backend.


Hi there!

I will be able to give you some advice if you provide a url to your website.

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Hi the URL is:


So, the phone number link should be positioned on the right side?


Ah, yes. As if you can see in the screenshot the phone number and email should be positioned on the right. But both are the content of one link-element of a page-submenu in the backend.


Here is the solution to move the last link on the right side while all the other links remains on the left side.

Open the main css of your theme and add this style:

// This rule will make the right side padding the same as the one from left side.
.subnavi_styling .page-submenu ul {
    padding-right: 45px !important;

// This rule will pull the last link in the right side of the submenu.
.subnavi_styling .page-submenu li:last-child {
    float: right;

The result?

This is just a quick solution :slight_smile:



Works great! I was searching for such a long time and didn’t think this would be so easy :slight_smile:


Glad to help you :sunny:!