How can I create ticket?

I am going to transfer Joomla rights for my HTML to my partner. How can I create ticket so that envato knows this event?
Also I need to create collection for this?

Here you go

Ticket example:

Hey guys!

Just to let you know: I give the rights to develop WP Themes of my item called ‘item name here’ (your link here) to (your partner account link here) We have cooperation which will last as long as one of the parties did not violate. Thanks.

You will get a ticket number after that, share it with your partner.
No, you don’t need to create a collection for this.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have one more question. After my partner finish item building, how can I calculate earning rate? Of course, new item will be sell on his account.

Is he an elite author? If so, then here is another example for you :slight_smile:

($49* - $12**) - 12,5%*** = Net profit before deduction of your partner’s share.
Then from the result, you simply take away the partner’s percentage and get your profit.

*item price
** Envato Buyer Fee (depends on item’s category)
*** Exclusive Author Fee (depends on all-time sales and whether he opted to sell exclusively or not)