How can I contact envato staff or customer center...anyting?

I baught a theme ‘Blaszok’ and it has a big problem that white/blank screen issue.
I didn’t want to have a refund and really would like to use that.
So, I’ve sent e-mails several times to the authtor to solve the problem, but I couldn’t receive any reply.
And now, my customer have pressed me, so I have no time any more.
The author still doesn’t reply, never ever.
Now, I’d like to have a refund.
So, I want to know the way to contact Envat Market directly, but I can’t find the way.
I’d like to know the e-mail address or another way to contact Envato Market.
Please, help me.

This is the link you need -

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Hi, Thank you very much for your concern. I could send a MSG to envato market thanks to you. Thank you again.:smiley: