how can i contact Envato please? I dont see any email or contact form

today I realized that you have been rejected ‘Kinetic title’
I have a question for you
What reason did you not accept this project?
I did not see anything this. And in terms of creativity, I dare say that there is no problem.
In the project that you previously accepted in your archives, I see projects that are very simple and have nothing to say… How did you accept them?
but if my item is so bad and got reject, what are then the other templates approved last days?
that’s mean my 30 days work was for 0.00$? It is not true

But if my project have a problem ,say me , I’ll solve that problem. But do not simply refuse it please.

Unfortunately this is not something that you’d contact Envato about, and they cannot give feedback on your rejections because there are just too many submissions that reviewers have to go through every day.

However, you happen to be in the perfect place to get some feedback, here on the forum. If you could post your item here we can take a look and see if we can give you any tips on what you could improve.

I know it’s frustrating to get rejected, but don’t take it personally, just take it as an opportunity to improve your work :).


Thanks for your comment
I’m going to uploading today
Thank you for helping me