How can I clear all broadcast licenses for a client?


I’m not a producer, more a buyer but I’m stuck with the licensing so I’m hoping you guys can help me here. I’ve used an audio track in a video and now my client has forwarded this video to some broadcast channels and apparently they are unable to use it due to license restrictions. I’ve uploaded the video to my Youtube channel and got a copyright warning. After disputing it, it was quickly cleared by [Merlin] FUGA Aggregation, although in Audiojungle it says Adrev?

Now I would like to prevent that they have to dispute the licensing every time they need to use it somewhere? I’m willing to pay the full license but then I’ll still bump into restrictions every time? How does this work?

EDIT: I tried to contact the AJ musician, but he seems unresponsive, I think he’s abandoned AJ.



There are two distinct issue in your post.

  1. Broadcast use (TV, air radio) requires a broadcast license. There is no tool however that physically prevents a broadcaster to use an unlicensed music, other than the legal consequences of doing so.

  2. On YouTube (so, nothing to do with broadcast), most music (soon to be all) is registered with ContentID which requires the uploader to provide the audio license to enable monetization. This is the industry standard and it’s a process that has been set up by YouTube. There are no licenses on AJ that would allow you to bypass this process.

In any case, this is not a restriction, but rather a standard step in the uploading process.

Thanks, that clears it up somewhat. But how does this work with Youtube live broadcast? They have to provide the license beforehand then?

The client was talking about whitelisting their channel, but that appears not to be possible with AJ?

Never mind, apparently this is done during broadcast.

I assume whitelisting is not possible.

Whitelisting is indeed possible, most third-parties have such an option. This is not done at AJ level, but rather at ContentID third-party level. However, as it depends on many factors authors have no control over, we cannot guarantee that it will work 100%.

In case the author is unresponsive, I don’t know if you can ask the third party to whitelist your channel. But I don’t see why something couldn’t be arranged.