How can i change the main title...

I’ve change the title but there is no changes at the title… Can you give me any suggestion?

My Steps : Edit-Update Item & Tags (requires review)- Submit Files For Review

The name will change after review by the reviewer

No…The reviewer doesnt change the title…Always says that your title need to be English…But i’ve already changed it…It doesnt have to be like that…

write here the name you wrote

There’s one thing that has proven over years… You cannot make a reviewer change his mind :slight_smile:

I dont get it but here is my title… Example;

I wrote Segah Nay Taqsim Ramadan 2022

Titles must be always in english.
If you get a soft rejection, just edit the name in the tab and submit it again with a message that you changed the title.

Try removing the Segah name.
Example :Ney Taqsim Ramadan 2022

Yes sure… But Segah is a spesific name it’s meanless… By the way, when i hit the submission button there is no changes in the title… Is that usual?

It takes a bit. You will receive an email.
Dont do it more that one time.

I’m also want to change some titles but can’t do it

I think there is no WAYY to change the title… Is there anybody here to help me please?