How can I change my curator on videohive?

I’m tried to fight with my curator. All rejects he/she enplane only like “we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality standards” % this is mean “I don’t like it” ? i can’t learn for all this time this “Videohive’s strict quality standards”. I’m exclusive author and trying to understand this standards. but i can’t. Think this is good for Videohive and this is not, think this isn’t good but it’s approved. It’s like a roulette game: luck or not.
is it true that many Videohive’s curators are graphic-designers?
thank you!

It’s pot-luck who reviews your item, so it’s very unlikely you’ve had the same person reviewing every one of your submissions. As for getting items approved, that’s less pot luck. Yes, there might be instances where one reviewer would approve something when another wouldn’t, if the item is borderline, but if you’re getting all or most of your items rejected then it’s worth taking a good look at what it is you’re uploading.

Is it high quality, well shot, lit well, and most importantly… is it going to be of use to buyers? Are people likely to buy it?

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I feel your pain. Its like The WIFE can’t live with them can’t kill them…

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