How can I buy "Let's Travel - WordPress Theme" by NRG Themes when it was not sold in Envato

Dear All,

I bought “Let’s Travel - Responsive Travel Booking Site Template” theme before, and now I want to buy the WordPress of this themes but it is not sold on Envato. I contact the NRG Theme for supporting but No one gives me feedback.

Do any people have the experiences? Please help me.

Thanks & Regrads

It looks like the author has removed all of their themes from sale and their website is showing as down so it seems that this theme is no longer available unfortunately

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You can try to contact the author via his profile contact form or via social networks listed on his profile page, however if he do not provide updates for this theme anymore, then I would not advise to use such theme at all.

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I have contacted but no one reply :frowning:

Then, unfortunately, you should move on to another theme, or hire a developer who will be able to convert HTML version you’ve downloaded to a WordPress.