How can I add our website builder( to category CMS?

Hello there!
We have created a website builder in freemium saas model and want to add our Project – ai website builder to theme forest (
Or where can I find step by step information about it?


please check this:

also this


Thank you!
But I wanna know how long time it moderate and which problem I’ll face, maybe you know success story or fail story about it?
Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
Looking forward

If your Item will meet quality standard then you will not face any problem just you can get a soft reject if reviewer think some point need to improve and reviewer will mention the focused issues. If not maintain quality then your Item will get hard reject. Would be great if you check trending Items of your submitted category especially released within the last 12 months to know the quality. Thanks

Ok thank you very much.
Have a nice day.

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