How can i add gif to my product description ?

Hi there Im beginner on Envato and i have 1 question , How can i add gif to my product description ? Like this >

Hope may these steps help you:

1- Upload your gif image to the image uploader services site, you can upload your gif on Mgur site or google drive.

2- Copy the gif image link and place in the img src and place the link that you want the user will be redirected when clicking on the image in the site link here.
<a href="SITE LINK HERE"> <img src="GIF IMG LINK HERE"/> </a>

3- Done

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lol. google drive never worked

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Who told you that :thinking: all the images on my items description from google drive :smiley:

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Thank u so much :slight_smile:

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Try it by yourself :slight_smile:

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Hm. I’ll try…

Yeap! I was right. This method doesn’t work

Stopped since yesterday, and I don’t know why… it was working fine since I start uploading to google drive, I used it for 2 years. all my images in the description shown a broken image link now.

Are you sure it stopped from yesterday? I always used a combination of Picassa and Google Photos. It stopped working for me a few months ago. And not all the images are broken. Only images from one of my two folders are broken. Images from another folder work fine. And there is no way to upload new images. Google announced that Picassa’s work and Google’s Photo work would be discontinued. But problems with my images began a few months after the announcement. I don’t understand anything. And I don’t understand whose side the problem is: from Google side or from Envato side. I wrote to the support team, but they see no problems. By the way, when I try to insert an image from a project preview (by right-clicking on the video) this also doesn’t work. Envato changed the address of the preview images, and now they don’t work. It’s sad. I will soon have my own website, so as not to depend on any services. But if, nevertheless, the problem is from Envato side, then my site will be in vain done :man_shrugging: :pensive:

The classic, most easy way is to have your own server or hosting space.
Buy a domain that will represent your website, buy hosting space 1,2,3 or 5 GB or more.
Make sure you buy them both from the same company that offers webhosting.

Then create a folder on your hosting, under your web domain.
And then you will have something like

You will need to include this as an image,
you need to know a bit of HTML so you can edit your item description on Envato
and insert an image there, as HTML code.

If you don’t ask someone you know that knows about HTML and getting your website up, so you can have a space on the Internet where you can keep folders and images in them,
for each of your Envato product.

Google for more information.
Good luck!


You can try this way hope will must works
<p><img alt="image-name" src="Images/url"></p>

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thank you for this link