How can I access the license certificate file of my projects via an after effects script

Simply I want to build a script file and I want to activate its functionalities when the user enters the Item Purchase code.
Similar to this
For us as authors do we have access to a network file that contains this information?
How can we access such information and make our scripts read and verify the existence of an entered purchase code by a user?
Thanks in advance.

There are extensions for this.

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You should use the APIs on this page within the user’s code control.

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Thanks for the valuable resources, I guess you pointed me in the right way.

You are welcome.
In addition, in order to make these extensions;
If it will be Browser Based;
Javascript, NodeJS,
etc. You need to know scripting languages.

If you want to write an extension with desktop, you need to know desktop coding languages ​​such as C++.

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