How can customers find my item ?

What is the point for AJ to let so many authors submit items while they know they don’t have any chance ? Why the catalog is open when it’s useless most of time ?

Why does the supermarket accumulates thousands of products in a room closed to customers ?

You are confusing things. The room isn’t closed to customers. Hard to find? Yes, but not closed. Technically, you can listen to and buy each and every track on AJ.

Because size alone can be a marketing advantage. “We have 150 tracks for you to chose from!” or “We have 500,000 tracks for you to chose from!” is quite different, especially if pumping up your catalogue costs you close to nothing.

“Hard to find? Yes, but not closed” Yes it is ! My track is invisible, one buyer but it’s a miracle. And don’t tell me about creating my trafic : this is bullshit :slight_smile: It only a way for AJ to make authors do an advertise work for their site for free. Once a customer discovers AJ he automaticly forgets you.

Please don’t lose your temper.

I bring in about 1,000-2,000 people every month from outside websites. That is traffic that I create. Some of those people buy my tracks. It helps keep them alive even when they can’t (easily) be found in the search engine. And with every sale, they get easier to find here. Win-win.

Sorry i don’t understand, my english is very bad : are you an author ?

Yes, and I market my clips all over the web so I don’t have to only rely on this search engine. Nothing good comes easy, but if you put in the work, you will be rewarded. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for your help and your answers ! : So, if a customer discovers one of our item on our website : why don’t sell it to him directly ? what’s the point to be on AJ ?

You should sell directly then if that’s what works for you.

Well, the point is that sales create more sales here. The whole point was to build a strong profile here, no?

You could of course link to anywhere and sell your tracks, but if you get 500 sales on a track here you are likely to get many more from the search engine.

And if you are an elite author you get 100% (or sometimes more if they pay with a credit card or deposit more than necessary) of the list price.

@Melody4Media you didn’t read my post correctly, i was asking it in the case where the custumer find our tracks outside from AJ…