How can correct a uploaded track with error still in queue

Hi there, ive got a mistake by indicating the wrong kind of music as example POP instead of Pop Indie, its still in queue, will they correct it or deny track, is there any way to contact them directly for these kind of things Thank you very much helping me

You can’t amend the details or files of tracks that are in the queue. If you think the error is something that might lead to it being rejected you are best off deleting it and then resubmitting.


There are 5 options to solve this problem if your track is in the queue is not the first day.

  1. Delete the track and restart it again in the desired category.
  2. Hope that then the reviewers themselves will correct the category (if they deem it necessary).
  3. Get a “soft rejection” (with indication from the reviewer)
  4. Get “hard rejection” (which is even possible).
  5. It is hoped that your track will be accepted and after approval you will ask the reviewer to put your track in the category that you think is more suitable for this track.

Good luck! :sunglasses:

This happened to me once… the track was approved … I saw the error after the approval… then I had the opportunity to fix the issue. But I totally agree with @PaulGraves , better delete and send again, don’t risk… :slight_smile:
good luck!

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True, I would not risk it and used the 1 option. :sunglasses:

I completely agree.


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Thanks a lot, so helpful for me ,it was my first track ,uploaded

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Thanks a lot…!!!

Thanks again,