how can an Author Give his Premium Item for free



Hi all,
I just want to know I thing, which is:
how can an Author give his premium TF item for free to a buyer as a gift after the buyer provides a 5-star rating into an another TF item which he purchased ?
I purchased a Theme a month ago and I saw an admin notice in my WordPress dashboard .
Provide a good rating on TF and get your gift ! (something like this)
once I provide the rating then the author sent me his another premium Theme to me as a gift !

So,Is it illegal to give your premium TF/CC item for free as a gift ?



You’re not allowed to give away content or provide incentives to buy/rate on the Envato site. A buyer can give away content or provide incentives to rate/buy outside of Envato. Although, they’re not allowed to give away Envato items if they are an exclusive author… they’d need to buy a license every time they give away an item as a promotion. The license price of a theme is pretty steep just for a decent rating!

So in theory, there might be nothing wrong with what the author is doing. I’d be slightly concerned that the author is doing this through the dashboard of the item he’s selling though. Although I’ve not read it anywhere, I’d be surprised if you’re allowed to include advertising within your items. Maybe “if you like this Envato item then check out these other Envato items of mine”, but not “If you like this Envato item then i’ll give away or sell you some items which aren’t on Envato”.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will pop along, although you could always drop a line to support and get them to investigate.