How can a subscribed member download images without a watermark by Envato API

Hi guys,
I am a subscribed member and trying to download images by Envato API,
but most of the images are with the watermark.
Is there any solution to deal with it?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @PanSci,

You’re looking at the public search results for Photodune there, so all you’ll see is the public (watermarked) preview images.

If you want the non-watermarked versions of items from Photodune, you’ll first have to purchase each item you’re interested in, and then you can use the /buyer/download endpoint to download the purchased items, which contain the non-watermarked images.

However, you say above you’re a “subscribed member”, so perhaps you mean you’ve subscribed to Envato Elements. If that’s the case, it’s important to know that Elements and Photodune are different marketplaces, and while they may share some of the same content, they are not the same site. Elements operates on a subscription basis, while Photodune operates on a pay-per-item basis. For Elements, I’m afraid there’s no public API.

Hopefully this answers your question!


Hi @rosssimpson ,

Thanks for your quick reply!
I think I get the point, thank you.

Have a nice day!